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Looking for Audi Auto Repair? Total German Motorworks is a popular independent Audi service location in the Easy Valley.  Audi service costs are not cheap, but we’ll save you 10%, 20% or more over what the dealerships charge for the same work.

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We know Audi

We’ve been focused on quality Audi auto repair since 2001. Unlike those big “do it all” auto repair chain stores, we know all the little “gotcha’s” the European car makers build into their cars, those things that only experienced an Audi mechanic knows to look for.

Audi Maintenance Schedule

Keeping your Audi in top mechanical shape is one of our primary concerns. Keeping your vehicle in good running condition starts with following the manufacturer maintenance schedule. Audi Service Intervals were planned out by some of the top automotive engineers in the world. They were designed to keep your vehicle safe and on the road.

Audi Brakes

Because we specialize in German cars we are the ones you need to come to when you need Audi Brakes. It is very important to have the specialized tools, knowledge, and experience to service the most important safety feature on your vehicle, your brakes.

Simple Things – Like an Audi Oil Change

Even something as simple as an oil change takes on new challenges in German vehicles. When you need an Audi Oil Change a specialized shop should be your first call.

Keeping on top of your Audi Maintenance Schedule keeps your next Audi Repair Service as affordable as possible.

Audi Repair

It can be nerve racking when your check engine light comes on. You’re in the middle of traffic and out of nowhere this light pops up on your dash. When your Audi Check Engine Light comes on it is very important you get it to a professional service shop right away.

Vehicle problems are always a headache; they are made worse by ignoring the warning signs. Audi problems are no different and you can make your situation even more dire if you ignore them.

Audi’s are engineered to the tightest tolerances and their diagnostic and warning systems are just as sensitive. They are designed to warn you of any potential issues with your Audi right away so you have plenty of time to get to a qualified repair center like Total German Motorworks.

Audi Parts

Having experienced technicians to work on your Audi is one of the most important factors when looking for an Audi service location. Another big part of keeping your Audi on the road for a life time is using only Genuine Audi OEM parts.

Do a simple Google search for Audi Car Parts and you will find hundred of parts listed for extremely cheap prices. But what might look like a great deal now can have expensive repercussions down the road.

At Total German Motorworks we specialize in German cars and we know who to go to for the best and highest quality OEM Audi parts. We stand behind our work and the parts we sell. We do this because we know that using only the best parts will keep you and your family safe – and protect your Audi investment.

The next time you need Audi Service and Parts, call Total German and be confident you’re dealing with an Audi auto repair specialist that prides itself on attention to detail.

Total German Motorworks for Audi Auto Repair

When your Audi needs service or repair we’re the best place in Phoenix to go if you want quality work at a fair price.  We’ll save you 10%, 20% or more over the dealership and you’ll still get the work done right, the first time.

Call for an Audi service appointment at 480-357-4800

Limited Time Offer: Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking to buy a European Luxury or Sports car? Don’t buy a lemon!Have our experienced foreign car mechanics take a look:

Have our experienced foreign car mechanics take a look:

  • We know what service milestones your model is coming up to and how much they’ll cost you.
  • We’ll run a complete computer diagnostic and readout ALL the control modules your vehicle has to see if there are any hidden problems with the car right now.
  • We’ll take a close visual inspection under the hood and under the chassis of the car to see if there are any undisclosed issues you’ll need to plan for.

Our mechanics know the common problems each of the European makes have and we’ll be looking to see the first signs of any looming problems with the car.

In short, you’ll have your eyes wide open as you make your deal on that sweet new car.

Get pre-purchase Peace of Mind for just $49.99!

Call Total German Motorworks at 480-357-4800 to make an appointment.


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Love these guys! Both of the Ryan’s are super knowledgeable and with John, they can fix anything!!! Thanks for always fixing my ride!!!

Katherine LaVine‎ Posted on Facebook Foreign Car Repair April 20, 2017