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VW independent service shop in Mesa. Total German Motorworks is a great independent Volkswagon service shop in the East Valley. We’ll save you 10%, 20% or more on your VW service prices compared to the dealership.

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Volkswagen Service Since 2001

We’ve been a VW independent service shop long enough to remember when the old Beetle was so easy to repair that anyone could do it.  We fixed a lot of them!
Now Volkswagen is one of the highest tech car companies in the world.  That means that Volkswagen repair costs can be pretty expensive. All the more reason to bring your Volkswagen to a VW INDEPENDENT service Shop: Total German Motorworks.

VW Maintenance Schedule

Your Volkswagen is a fine-tuned German automobile and needs regular adjustments to keep it running at its most efficient. At Total German Motorworks, we have experienced VW service specialists who can easily take care of a VW oil change, tune-up or even a timing chain or valve adjustment to keep your VW on its scheduled maintenance.

Volkswagen Repair

Got Volkswagen problems? Maybe your VW check engine light has come on. We have all the computer diagnostics your VW will need and with our long years of  Volkswagen experiences we will be able to put your vehicle back on the road in no time.

VW Diesel Repair

We know diesels, too.  We know the TDI maintenance schedule and our VW diesel mechanic can handle the special needs of your TDI.

VW Parts

You know Total German Motorworks – we’re sticklers on keeping your car all original. We believe that using OEM VW Parts is the right way to keep your car running it’s best for years to come. And because we use real VW Parts we can warrant your repairs every time.

Total German Motorworks a VW Independent Service Shop

We’ll save you 10%, 20%, or more over the cost of getting your Volkswagen service done at the dealership. We’ve been fixing VWs since 2001.

Call for your VW Service Appointment at 480-357-4800.

Limited Time Offer: Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking to buy a European Luxury or Sports car? Don’t buy a lemon!Have our experienced foreign car mechanics take a look:

Have our experienced foreign car mechanics take a look:

  • We know what service milestones your model is coming up to and how much they’ll cost you.
  • We’ll run a complete computer diagnostic and readout ALL the control modules your vehicle has to see if there are any hidden problems with the car right now.
  • We’ll take a close visual inspection under the hood and under the chassis of the car to see if there are any undisclosed issues you’ll need to plan for.

Our mechanics know the common problems each of the European makes have and we’ll be looking to see the first signs of any looming problems with the car.

In short, you’ll have your eyes wide open as you make your deal on that sweet new car.

Get pre-purchase Peace of Mind for just $49.99!

Call Total German Motorworks at 480-357-4800 to make an appointment.


These guys are awesome. I went in for a few surface repairs and they didn’t even charge me. Super friendly and honest, which is really hard to come by. Wish I had found them sooner so I could have had all my car troubles taken care of there.

Masha R Left on Yelp Foreign Car Repair April 21, 2017