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Total German Motorworks – your Smart Car Service Center. We’re the best of the Smart Car repair shops in Mesa and ready to service yours. We promise to treat you and your car the way we would want to be treated – and that means fair prices, too.

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Affordable Smart Car Service in Mesa

The Smart Car is a great idea – an affordable, good mileage, fun commuter car.  But after you have one, where do you go for repairs?  The Dealership? Ouch. Total German Motorworks will save you 10%, 20% or more on Smart Car service vs. going back to the dealer.

Smart Car Care

Smart Car maintenance is just as important as it is in any other vehicle to maintain trouble-free performance, maybe even more important since they get a lot of power out of that small Smart Car engine.  At Total German Motorworks, we can handle all your maintenance work. Smart Car oil changes and air filters plus everything else in the maintenance schedule.

Smart Repair

The Smart Car is a pretty straightforward little car – until you try to work on one.  Fitting everything into such a small car means things are tucked away everywhere.  One of the top Google searches is for the Smart Car battery location.

Have you found yours?  Bring it in and we’ll show you.

An experienced Smart Car specialist knows about all these little things and can get right to work making sure your Smart Car repair is done quickly and correctly.

Smart Car Accessories

One thing you can be sure of, whenever you find an affordable, fun car, people are going to make it special.  Performance exhaust, computer tuning chips, suspension changes, are just a few of the accessories available. We’ve got access to whatever Smart Car accessories and mod parts you’ve seen and offer professional installation.

Hassle Free Smart Car Service

Total German Motorworks is your best choice for a Smart Car service center in Phoenix.  We’ll save you 10%, 20%, or more over the cost of getting your Smart Car repair done at the dealership.

Call for your Smart Car Service Appointment at 480-357-4800.


Limited Time Offer: Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking to buy a European Luxury or Sports car? Don’t buy a lemon!Have our experienced foreign car mechanics take a look:

Have our experienced foreign car mechanics take a look:

  • We know what service milestones your model is coming up to and how much they’ll cost you.
  • We’ll run a complete computer diagnostic and readout ALL the control modules your vehicle has to see if there are any hidden problems with the car right now.
  • We’ll take a close visual inspection under the hood and under the chassis of the car to see if there are any undisclosed issues you’ll need to plan for.

Our mechanics know the common problems each of the European makes have and we’ll be looking to see the first signs of any looming problems with the car.

In short, you’ll have your eyes wide open as you make your deal on that sweet new car.

Get pre-purchase Peace of Mind for just $49.99!

Call Total German Motorworks at 480-357-4800 to make an appointment.


Awesome service, honest people. Highly recommend them to all my friends with German cars – top choice in my book.

Digger Pike Posted on Facebook Foreign Car Repair April 20, 2017