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We do BMW Auto Repair.  Total German Motorworks has been specializing in BMW Auto Repair since 2001.  We’ve got customers in Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler and all around the East Valley.

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A BMW Auto Repair Shop
That Will Save You Money

We’re one of the best independent BMW repair shops in town and we will save you 10%, 20% or more over taking your BMW to the dealer.  BMW maintenance costs can be sky high, so it makes sense for you to come to a quality BMW specialist like Total German Motorworks.

BMW is known as The Ultimate Driving Machine. For good reason – they handle second to none. Its the perfect balance between nimble road car and blow your doors acceleration. The challenge is keeping your amazing car on the road and safe for a lifetime.

Our BMW Maintenance Program

Keeping your car safe starts with a well thought out and rigorously followed maintenance schedule. The BMW maintenance schedule is designed to maintain the thrill of driving your car and keeping it reliable for decades to come.

BMW Timing Chain Replacement

One maintenance item that frightens a lot of customers is a BMW timing chain replacement. While this maintenance item is expensive, it won’t be a one you have to deal with often.Total German Motorworks is prepared to handle your BMW timing chain replacement when it’s needed.

BMW Oil Change

When it comes to the basic maintenance items like a BMW oil change, we have the knowledge and skills to make sure the job is done correctly. And we always use only OEM parts and fluids.

BMW Repair

When your check engine light comes on, regardless of the car you’re driving it can be anxiety inducing. When the BMW Service Engine Soon Light comes on it can be especially nerve-racking.

Relax, it can be something as simple as your car letting you know you need something simple like a BMW battery replacement.

Sometimes it can be mean something a bit more complex. But that’s why you have a BMW mechanic at Total German Motorworks that is an expert in BMW Troubleshooting. Your BMW has a complex computer system and sensors all needing to communicate with each other.  That’s why you need a BMW auto repair shop with all the specialized equipment and the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose and repair the systems on your BMW.

BWM Parts

Trusting the mechanic that is servicing your BMW is important. Making sure they are knowledgeable and honest about the service your vehicle is paramount. Any good mechanic will tell you how important it is that you only use all OEM BMW parts on any repair you’re having done.

BMW repair parts are built to last and because of this, Total German Motorworks can back our work. All of the work we do and the OEM BMW parts we use are warranted.

BMW Performance Parts

It is called The Ultimate Driving Machine. Many of our BMW drivers are looking for the ultimate performance out of their BMW. Total German Motorworks loves to do performance mods. We get excited when you want to do something special, so come talk to us.  We also warrant any BMW performance parts we install on your vehicle.

Total German Motorworks for BMW Auto Repair

You love the performance of your BMW.  Bring it to an auto repair shop that loves it just as much, Total German Motorworks in Mesa. We’ll save you 10%, 20% or more over the dealership for the same quality of work.

Call for your BMW service appointment at 480-357-4800


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Have our experienced foreign car mechanics take a look:

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In short, you’ll have your eyes wide open as you make your deal on that sweet new car.

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