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Total German Motorworks is a quality Mercedes auto repair shop in Mesa.  We promise to save you 10%, 20%, or more compared to going to the dealership for a Mercedes mechanic.

We Accept Debit/Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX.

We’ve Been A Mercedes Auto Repair Shop For Years

We started working on Mercedes back in 2001. We know the importance of keeping your Benz in pristine condition.

A Mercedes Service Station

Looking for a shop that offers service for Mercedes vehicles can be a difficult task. A lot of shops see a Mercedes customer pull up and get scared. They are unfamiliar with what a Mercedes Service A and B light means or even what entails taking care of your vehicles needs. Because, at Total German Motorworks, we specialize in Mercedes we know exactly which Maintenance on a Mercedes-Benz will keep your car on the road for a lifetime.

Mercedes Repair

Finding a good Mercedes mechanic has gotten slightly easier over the years thanks to the internet. Reputable shops like Total German are just a quick Google search away. One of the challenges that face every mechanic specializing in Mercedes Benz is Mercedes troubleshooting. With complex computerized systems it is very important to have the specialized diagnostic computer systems to connect to your Mercedes and to  know how to use them to communicate with the systems in your Mercedes. Next time you need a Mercedes tune up make sure to only work with experienced technicians specializing in Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Parts

You also need to be sure the shop working on your vehicle is using only OEM approved Mercedes Benz Parts. Some shops cut corners and go with cheap, non-OEM parts. We know you made a large investment in an authentic Mercedes and don’t want us to use knock-off parts that could unexpectedly fail down the road. Choose Total German Motorworks to be sure you’re getting genuine Mercedes Parts.

Make Total German Motorworks Your New Mercedes Auto Repair Shop

When you need Mercedes repair or service, bring it to Total German Motorworks. We’ll save you 10%, 20% or more over the dealership for the same quality of work.

Call for your Mercedes service appointment at 480-357-4800

Limited Time Offer: Pre-Purchase Inspection

Looking to buy a European Luxury or Sports car? Don’t buy a lemon!Have our experienced foreign car mechanics take a look:

Have our experienced foreign car mechanics take a look:

  • We know what service milestones your model is coming up to and how much they’ll cost you.
  • We’ll run a complete computer diagnostic and readout ALL the control modules your vehicle has to see if there are any hidden problems with the car right now.
  • We’ll take a close visual inspection under the hood and under the chassis of the car to see if there are any undisclosed issues you’ll need to plan for.

Our mechanics know the common problems each of the European makes have and we’ll be looking to see the first signs of any looming problems with the car.

In short, you’ll have your eyes wide open as you make your deal on that sweet new car.

Get pre-purchase Peace of Mind for just $49.99!

Call Total German Motorworks at 480-357-4800 to make an appointment.


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Great service. And they are not out to rape your wallet as well.

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